Why Choose a Professional Garage Floor Coating?

Concrete is dirty! Moisture & oils destroy your concrete, causing cracks and damage. A Professional Garage Floor Coating installed by Garage Doctor will seal and protect your floor, making it incredibly easy to clean, & keep you standing on excellence!

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What is Different About Garage Flooring Installed by Garage Doctor?

Unlike the local DIY products and packages from your local department store, Garage Doctor uses a two-part epoxy system; which means that the coating is a chemical cure and not like a paint or any other topical coatings!

That said, installing industrial grade products like PM Epoxy or Polyaspartic coatings takes knowledge and skill. It is a highly specialized trade that should not be attempted by the inexperienced or handy-men.

Every project starts with a complete diamond grinding using dust-controlled equipment. This opens the pours in your concrete, removing any sealers, and creates a surface that the coating can permanently adhere with.

The methods we use in our preparation are proven to work and proven to last for a long time. Therefore, we are confident in our proper bonding capabilities! Also, there’s no need to worry about the length of the Warranty, if there are ever any concerns, you can always reach the Garage Doctor!

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What to expect

Finding the right garage floor specialists can be difficult. Some garage floor coating installers charge high prices for basic flooring services, while others rush through, skip steps, fail to apply proper preparation, leave a poor finish. When it comes to hiring a professional team of garage floor contractors, Garage Doctor will leave you standing on excellence!

Hiring Garage Doctor is the best way to strengthen your old concrete with a durable sealed finish. Our prices typically range from $3.55 per sq. ft to $5.55 per sq. ft including all prep-work i.e. grinding, cleaning, and additional surface prep. Prices range and are subject to additional additions such as expansion joint repair, concrete crack-fill, and patching.

Why your local DIY kit doesn’t work?

The standard customer from your local hardware store sees the opportunity to turn their garage into a showroom and jump on the opportunity. These coatings applied by people who don’t specialize in epoxy can equate to real disaster. Often, the instructions only call for power-washing and dust removal. Without the proper processes, including grinding the concrete, these common floors installed per instructions often end up quickly chipping and scuffing from daily use. In addition to the epoxy coating, which makes it harder to stains and smells to stick, Garage Doctor seals with a protective urethane to protect against all negative activities. You’ll get a better-protected floor that’s easier to clean and will require less continued maintenance than traditional concrete garage floors. Better Floor, Better Future!